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    We continue to be in good financial shape.  Congratulations to the Roads Committee for a very thorough job that resulted in a final cost that was $29,000 under budget!  We will be losing 3 Street Captains in September. If you live on Westminster 803-839 Westminster, 431-466 Monterey or 2630-2677 CC Blvd/Chestnut Ct and would like to volunteer, please call Nancy Zambie at 264-4079.  Girl Scouts begin their twice monthly meetings in the community building on Tuesday, August 30th.  New gates will be installed at the entry within the next few weeks.  The Steering Committee continues to work on new entrance rules/policy.  From a report given, it appears that there will be a considerable increase in controlling access to our community in an effort to give residents greater peace of mind.  The Communications Committee and Street Captains will be working to increase the level of participation in our on-line directory.  Unless a resident “opts-in”, we cannot include their information in the on-line directory which is the most accurate and up to date method of maintaining a record of OPCC residents.  Your email address does not have to be included and is not shared with anyone.  Finally, at the urging of some residents, there was some investigation and discussion into what it would take to build a community pool.  There is much more work to be done on this before it could ever go to a community vote.  As of now, there are no plans to build a community pool.

  • IMPORTANT!!  Due to many problems resulting from residents parking on the streets of the neighborhood, the Board approved a RULE REGARDING REGULAR PARKING ON THE STREETS OF OPPCC.  The rule is as follows:
    Those Residents and their guest*, tenants or family members who regularly park on the street are in violation of the CCR.  Regular is defined as: occurring with normal frequency, recurring at fixed times, or a long-standing or habitual action, all as shall be determined by a majority of the Board of Directors and at its sole discretion.  When the Board of Directors has indicated an Owner to be a regular person who is or his guest, tenants or family members are parking in violation of this restriction that Owner or Owners shall be sent to the CEC for possible determination of fines.  *Note:  Guests are subject to the 24 hour restriction provided in the CC&R.
    This rule will be published in the October issue of Living magazine which is delivered on or about September 11th and after a 30 day grace period will be strictly enforced.


  1. Per long-established policy in the community confirmed and reapproved by the current Board, political signs may not be placed in yards until 30 days prior to an election and must be removed within 48 hours of the election.  They may not be larger than 4 sq. ft.
  2. If you believe that someone is breaking the law in our neighborhood, do not call the gatehouse.  Call 911.
  3. The Library Volunteers will be meeting on September 7th and the Communications Committee will be meeting on October 12th.  These are both really fun ways to get involved in the community.  If you are interested in working on either of these committees or have suggestions, questions or concerns, please contact Randy Rutan.  randy@randyrutan.com or 276-5067.
  4. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! We are collecting donations for our troops until the end of August.  You can deposit your contributions at the Community Building.  Click here for more information. 
  5. The Covenants and Restrictions for our community are available on our website.  Click here to download.


Thursday, August 25th  from 6:45 – 9 pm
at the Community Building

ALL residents are welcome!

Mah Jongg

Thursdays 1-4pm
in the Community Building

We are always looking for new participants and are willing to teach you the game.

Community Library

Tues w/ Randy 10am-12pm, Free Coffee & Donuts
Thursdays 2-4pm, Free Snacks & Beverages
Saturdays 11am-1pm, Free Snacks & Beverages

Stop on by, meet the librarians, check out the selection of books, chat with neighbors, grab a snack.  You'll be glad you did!

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